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Whether you have a loved one who is planning on studying in France and who you would like to know in excellent hands at all times, whether you are looking for assistance with business- or bank transactions in the region, you are interested in acquiring properties or entering into a real-estate partnership in one of the fastest growing regions on the splendid southern French Mediterranean coast or whether you simply need a highly efficient and reliable ambassador who can act on your behalf, Grand Cour is the perfect solution to all of your problems.


One of the fastest growing cities in France
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Montpellier, in southern France, is one of the most important major cities in Europe. Paul Valery University and the University of Montpellier have been providing outstanding education since medieval times. They are both preferred destinations for students who want to attend their excellent Law and Medical Faculties. At the same time, by including faculties of pharmacy, economics, management, technology, literature, communication, arts and language, both are prestigious education centers for French and international students. 

Apart from the above, there are also Architecture, Fine Arts, Aviation, and Chemistry academies. Because of its location by the Mediterranean sea, it’s gorgeous seaside neighborhoods, a close proximity to mountain regions and because of the easy access to cities like Nice, Paris or Barcelona, and because of it’s vibrant energy, Montpellier has become one of the fastest growing cities in France. 
 A wide range of sporting-, social- and cultural activity make Montpellier a city which is always alive and dynamic.

  • Reception of foreign students from affluent families, facilitating their move before and after their arrival, aiding and accompanying their comfortable installation in France in complete tranquility and safety. Partnerships with linguistic institutes. Full Assistance and translations for accommodation, bank accounts, administrative procedures. Assistance with transport and orientation in the new surroundings. info@grandcour.fr

  • Grand Cour is the consulting company that works with the sector leading international solution partners in all areas of software and telecommunication. For fast solutions, inquiries and references please contact us directly at: info@grandcour.fr

  • If you are looking to acquire properties or participate in a real estate partnership, our consulting service and law service is at your disposal. info@grandcour.fr

  • Very high-class weddings in a prestigious castle in the South of France between Nice and Monaco. Exclusive private cruise programs in the beautiful bays of Nice, St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco. Guided visits of the famous lavender fields of Provence Personal visits of wine and perfume domains For these and every other desired, extraordinary event or excursion, Grand Cour provides tailor-made consulting services together with our select solution partners. info@grandcour.fr


The Grand Cour Executive Team


Client Services Director akdur@grandcour.fr
25 years experience in client services in the hotel industry and with Air France. Multilingual (French, English, Turkish)
Deep understanding of service quality. Wide personal network. International travel experience. Trained in client services, service quality, BTS TEPE.


Client Services Director kaan@grandcour.fr
26 years of entrepreneurial experience as the head of a company in the education sector with an excellent reputation. Multilingual (French, English, Turkish). Knowledge and experience in Marketing and Communication. Wide personal network.


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